Hikes and tours

Wear a hat, your backpack, comfortable shoes and walk to the market, square and houses of the inhabitants of the area.

Continue your visit through the valley and you will reach the mountains and the waters of the Urubamba River that will accompany you with their lullaby along the way .

If you want to go further, access to public transport is simple. We also help you with the organization of hikes inside and outside the valley.

Machu Picchu

Inca citadel built in the fifteenth century is located on the valley of the Urubamba River.

Elevation: 2,430 m

Sacred Valley - Pisaq

It is an archaeological complex located east of the Vilcabamba mountain range.

Elevation: 2,972 m

Maras and the Salt Mines

The town of Maras was founded in colonial times. Towards the northwest of this town are the Maras salt mines.

Elevation: 3,300 m


Cradle of Gold, city of the Inca empire is located between the foothills of the Salkantay Peak,

Elevation: 3,103 m.


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